Cloud based solution for your IP portfolio

We believe that artificial intelligent in analysing big amounts of data is the future of intellectual property management
  • A solution designed by IP lawyers for IP professionals
  • Digital assistant for any IP law office
  • Case management and invoicing solution
  • Secure environment, based on latest cloud technologies
  • Automated workflow management
  • Work file process visualisation

What is IPR Host ?

IPR Host is professional assistant for any IP company  Designed by IP lawyers for IP professionals, the platform has been developed to meet the requirements and challenges of managing an entire IP rights portfolio. 
  • Track all IP files activities
  • Attach any type of documents into a file
  • Share information with your team and clients
  • Ability to send automatic emails during file procedures

Our Mission

To fully automate and digitize the procedures in intellectual property !


June 2017
Development of the main reminder module
March 2018
Implement Patent, Utility models and SPC Renewals&Annuity
April 2019
Development of Case management and Invoicing module
June 2019
Development of Domains&Geographical indications portfolio management
October 2017
Development of Trademark portfolio management
November 2018
Development of the clients module for internal communication
July 2019
Development of Industrial Designs portfolio management

Equal priority in the Cloud Environment

  • 25% Work Optimization

    Never miss a deadline with our task manager dashboard with work alerts for tracking ongoing tasks. Use daily mails with all current activities.

  • 25% Workflow Organization

    Automatic workflow procedures for trademark registrations and management. Organize your files by IP object and by customer. Use flexible search engine for your IP portfolio based on numerous criteria.

  • 25% Collaborative Workspace

    Multi-lever user capabilities. Assign a task or deadline to any user. Share information between users and clients. Comunicate with customers using single workflow environment. Historic document records on each IP object.

  • 25% Secure Environment

    One encripted cloud database and stogage per client. Communication is encripted with an SSL certificate. Benefit from a single cloud solution for all your IP files

Why to choose IPR Host ?

We are giving you a chance to make your business digital. It is a powerful administrative tool, designed in a secure and effective way to manage the complete business process in the intellectual property.

All-in-One solution

Case and file management, integrated invoicing, deadline reminder, workflow scheduling and payment follow ups all in one single platform

Time Saving

gives you time to work on your new cases or marketing efforts or to spend some time with your family.

Access from Anywhere

Web-based platform you can access from anywhere at anytime using a simple web browser.

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